2 cups diced chicken 1 cup diced celery Mayonnaise Lettuce

Garnish of celery tops, beets cut into dice, capers, egg-yolks, etc.

Left-over chicken makes a very good salad. To prepare a chicken especially for salad, rub well with salt and pepper, place one small onion and one bay-leaf inside, wrap with a napkin, tie securely and steam for three hours, or until a fork can be easily turned around in the meat. When the chicken is cold, cut the meat into pieces of convenient size for eating. The most carefully made salads contain only white meat, but the dark meat has a juiciness and flavor not possessed by the breast. If dark meat is used, cut it into smaller cubes than the white meat and the white will predominate in appearance. Marinate the cut up chicken and let it stand. Make a mayonnaise dressing, stir part of it into the celery, place the celery on a thin layer of lettuce or arrange it directly upon the salad-dish and garnish the edge with the tips of the celery. Heap the chicken mixture in the center, pour over it the remainder of the mayonnaise, and garnish with white celery tops, boiled beets cut in dice, capers, cold hard-cooked egg-yolks that have been pressed through a colander, or any other garnish that pleases the fancy.