2 pounds loaf sugar 1 cup water

1 teaspoon glucose

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

Add water to sugar in a saucepan and when completely dissolved turn on heat, add glucose and cream of tartar and boil as quickly as possible to 312° F. Remove at once to pan of cold water to stop boiling, then pour sirup onto a lightly oiled slab. If different colors or flavors are wanted, divide the sirup as desired. As edges cool, lift with knife and turn in to the center. When sugar is cool enough to handle, pull from sides, turning in to the center, and roll into a ball. Work in a warm place so sugar does not cool too quickly as you work and be sure that all parts are pulled equally. When it becomes quite satin-white and china-like in appearance, start your design. Ribbons are made by pulling a straight piece, cutting the edges quickly and then arranging in knots or bows. Set aside to cool slowly so they will not crack.

For flowers and leaves, pull a small end into petal shape, pinch off the end, work the edges thin and curve into desired shape. Put the petals together as you work to form the flower, then pinch the lower ends together and attach to a new tin wire, or attach to a green pulled-sugar stem. Detached leaves may be mounted on wire and left uncovered.