1 hog's head Salt and pepper Powdered herbs

Corn-meal Buckwheat flour

Scrape and clean a hog's head, then split it and take out the eyes and brain. The butcher will do this, if requested. Clean the ears and scrape them well. Put all on to boil in plenty of cold water and simmer gently for four hours, or until the bones will easily slip from the meat. Lift out the meat and bones into a colander, remove the bones and chop the meat fine. Skim off every particle of grease from the water in which the meat was boiled, and return the meat to the boiling stock in the kettle. Season highly with salt and pepper and powdered herbs. Add enough corn-meal and buckwheat flour, in equal quantities, to make a soft mush, stirring constantly for the first fifteen minutes, then lower the heat and cook for one hour. Pour into bread pans, cool, and keep in a cold place until needed.

The scrapple may be served cold or may be cut into slices, dipped in egg and cracker-crumbs and sauted.