Sandwiches may be cut with a knife into triangles, oblongs and similar outlines, or shaped with cutters into hearts, circles, crescents or any preferred design. When sandwiches are shaped with these fancy cutters, the bread should be shaped before it is spread, to avoid waste of butter and filling. Care must be taken afterward, however, not to spoil the shape while spreading. Heart, club, spade and diamond shapes are popular for card parties. Heart shapes are attractive for valentine and announcement parties and for showers. Strips, triangles, circles, crescents and rolled and folded sandwiches are used for teas.

Rolled Sandwiches - Cut the crusts from a fresh loaf of bread (or if a stale loaf of bread is used, cut off the crusts and wrap for an hour in a cloth wrung from cold water). Spread a thin layer of butter on one end of the loaf and then cut from it as thin a slice as possible. If a filling is used, spread it on the buttered slice. Roll this slice with the spread side inward and lay it on a napkin, with the edge of the slice downward. When all the sandwiches have been prepared, draw the napkin firmly around the rolls and put them in a cold place until needed. The butter will harden and hold the rolls together.