Sun-Cooked Preserves

Small fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and currants can be preserved by this process. Wash the fruit, drain thoroughly, pick over and stem, then weigh it. For each pound of fruit, allow one pound of sugar and one cup of water. Add the water to the sugar and cook until the sirup spins a thread. Remove the sirup from the fire. Add the fruit and let it remain in the sirup over night. With a skimmer remove the fruit from the sirup, and lay it on platters or flat dishes. Cook the sirup again until it threads. Pour the hot sirup over the berries, cover the platter with cheese-cloth or glass and place in the direct sunlight. A glass cover hastens the process. Allow the fruit to stand three or four days in the sunshine, or until the sirup is thick and jelly-like in consistency. Pack in clean jars and seal.

Tomato Preserves

1 pound small, yellow tomatoes

1 lemon

3/4 pound sugar

Select the small yellow tomatoes that are about the size of small plums. Pour boiling water over them and cover tightly for two minutes, then quickly drain and cover with cold water. This will loosen the skins. Peel the tomatoes, being careful not to break them. If any are found with the skins still unloosened, treat them again with boiling water. Place the sugar and tomatoes in a crock or enamel bowl and let stand over night. Drain off the juice and boil rapidly until it threads. Add the tomatoes and the thinly sliced lemon. Cook until clear and thick. Seal in clean hot jars.

Green Tomato Preserves

8 pounds green tomatoes 6 pounds sugar

1 tablespoon preserved ginger 6 lemons

Wash the tomatoes, remove any dark parts about the stems, and weigh them. Cover them with boiling water, let them stand five minutes, drain and slice them into a preserving-kettle, placing a layer of the tomatoes, then a layer of sliced lemon, then the sugar with the ginger sprinkled over it. Let the mixture stand over night. Drain and boil the sirup for ten minutes.

Skim, add the tomatoes and cook rapidly until they are clear. Pour into clean, hot jars and seal.

Blackberry Jam

Mash the berries, cook them in their own juice until they are thoroughly heated, then press them through a sieve to remove the seeds, which are objectionably large. Measure this pulp and liquid, and for every pint allow one cup of sugar. Add the sugar to the pulp, and cook rapidly until thick, stirring frequently. Pack in clean, hot jars and seal.

Fig Jam

1 1/3 cups sugar to 1 pint of stewed figs

Select soft, ripe, white figs, remove the stems and peel. Mash, add just enough water to prevent scorching and cook until they are soft. Add sugar and cook rapidly until the mixture is thick and amber colored with a shiny surface.

Raspberry And Currant Jam

1 pound red raspberries

1/4 cup currant-juice

3/4 pound sugar

Mash the fruit, add the currant-juice, and bring to the boiling-point, stirring well from the bottom. Add the sugar and cook until thick, stirring occasionally. Pack in clean hot jars and seal.