Whey is the water solution of milk sugar, salts and minerals which forms the basis of fresh whole milk and which is separated from the curd and fat as follows:

1/2 rennet tablet

1 cup fresh whole milk

1 tablespoon cold water

Dissolve rennet tablet in water. Warm milk slowly, stirring until lukewarm - not hot (120° F.). A few drops of milk on the inside of the wrist should feel comfortably warm. Remove milk from stove. Add dissolved rennet tablet and stir quickly for a few seconds, then let stand unmoved until firm. While warm, cut curd gently into coarse pieces to separate from the whey and strain carefully through fine bleached muslin (72 to 76 mesh). Sweeten and flavor if desired. Serve as the doctor orders,

With Lemon-Juice -

1 cup hot milk

2 tablespoons lemon-juice

2 teaspoons sugar

Add lemon-juice to hot milk and let stand over hot water until the milk separates. Strain through a double thickness of cheese-cloth and add the sugar to the whey.

With Orange-Juice - Substitute orange-juice for lemon-juice and use one-half the sugar in the recipe for lemon whey.