Melt one cup of sugar (either brown or white) with one tablespoonful of water in a frying-pan. Stir until it becomes of a dark brown color. Add one cup of boiling water; simmer ten minutes, and bottle when cool. This should always be kept on hand, as it is useful for many purposes. It gives a rich, dark color to soups, coffee, and jelly; is more wholesome than browned butter in sauces, and is delicious as a flavoring in custards and pudding sauces.


Glaze is simply clear stock boiled down to one fourth of its original amount. Put two quarts of rich, strong stock into a saucepan, and boil it uncovered until reduced to one pint. It should have a gluey consistency, and will keep a month if put in a closely covered jar in a cool place. It is useful in browning meats which have not been colored by cooking, but which we wish to have the appearance of having been roasted or browned.