This shell fish has a round, deeply grooved shell. The muscle which unites the shell is the only part eaten. Scallops have a sweet flavor, and are in season during the fall and winter. They may be stewed like oysters, but are better fried.

Fried Scallops

Pick over, and wash quickly; drain between towels; season fine cracker crumbs with salt and pepper. Dip the scallops in the crumbs, then in beaten egg, and again in crumbs. Fry in smoking hot fat, and serve at once.


Shrimps and Prawns are found in the summer season on the Southern coasts. They are similar in form to a lobster, but very small. They should be cooked in boiling salted water from five to eight minutes. Remove the shells and head; the part that is eaten resembles in shape the tail of a lobster. They are used in fish sauces, and are very effective as a garnish.

Shrimp Salad and Shrimps en Coquille may be prepared like lobster. Canned shrimps are generally used in Eastern markets.

Scalloped Shrimps

Make a tomato sauce (see page 193). Pick over one can of shrimps, and heat them in the sauce, add one glass of wine. Turn into a scallop dish, cover with buttered crumbs, and bake till the crumbs are brown.