Soak over night in cold water with the skin side up, that the salt may be drawn out; or, if you can, strip the skin off before soaking. By changing the water often, less time will be required. Salt mackerel and other small corned fish should be broiled. Salt codfish should be put on the stove in fresh water and kept warm, but not boiling, till softened. Then remove the bones and skin, and flake in delicate pieces. Serve with egg or cream sauce, potatoes, sweet beets, carrots, and onions, and crisp salt pork scraps, and you have the old-fashioned salt fish dinner.

Creamed Salt Fish

Serve one cup of the picked up fish in a rich cream sauce with potato border or on toast.

Mock Oyster Stew. (Mrs. S. M. Bailey.) - Prepare one cup of salt fish by washing, shredding, and simmering till soft when ready to serve, put it in a shallow dish with one pint of oyster crackers or three butter crackers split and browned, and pour over it one pint of hot milk. Add a tablespoonful of butter and half a saltspoonful of pepper, and serve.

Scorched Salt Fish

Pick a small piece of the thickest part of salt fish into long flakes. If very salt, soak a few minutes in cold water. Brown over hot coals. Spread with butter, and serve hot. Fish thus prepared is a nice relish with potatoes which have been roasted in the ashes. It will also tempt a convalescent. Smoked salmon or halibut may be prepared in the same manner.

Tongues And Sounds

Soak them in warm water several hours, or till freshened; scrape off the skin. Cut them in small pieces and heat slowly in milk or water. Make a thin white sauce to pour over them, and serve on toast garnished with hard-boiled eggs.

Fish Roes, Fried

Wash the roes and cook them ten minutes in boiling salted water with one tablespoonful of vinegar. Then plunge them into cold water. Drain, and roll in beaten egg, then in seasoned crumbs, and fry till brown in smoking hot fat.

Scalloped Roes

Boil the roes as in the preceding receipt. Drain, and break up lightly with a fork. Sprinkle a layer of the roe in a shallow dish; then rub the yolk of hard-boiled egg through a fine strainer. Add a sprinkling of parsley and a little lemon juice. Moisten with a thin white sauce. Then another layer of roe, egg, seasoning, and sauce. Cover with buttered crumbs and bake till brown. If a larger dish be required, use with the roes any cold flaked fish, or a small quantity of cooked rice.

Small Fresh Fish Baked In A Crust

Clean the fish, and wipe dry. Cut gashes one inch apart on each side; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Make a rich biscuit crust with baking-powder, or make a pastry crust; roll it out half an inch thick; wrap the fish in the crust, pinch the edges together, and bake about half an hour. Serve with egg sauce.