Rice Crusts. (Miss Ward.)

Cook one cup of cold boiled rice in the double boiler in milk enough to make a thin mixture, and until the rice is very soft. Add one tablespoonful of sugar, a little salt, one egg, and flour enough to make it hold together. Spread on the pan, having the mixture one third of an inch thick. Bake in a hot oven. Split and eat with syrup.

Rice Or Hominy Drop Cakes

One cup of boiled hominy or rice, and one egg. If the hominy be cold, heat in a farina kettle with one tablespoonful of water, and stir till it is softened. Beat yolk and white separately; add one saltspoonful of salt. Drop in tablespoonfuls on a well-buttered pan, and bake brown in a hot oven.

Breakfast Puffs, Or Pop-Overs

1 cup flour.

1 saltspoonful salt.

1 cup milk.

1 egg, yolk and white beaten separately.1

Mix the salt with the flour; add part of the milk slowly, until a smooth paste is formed; add the remainder of the milk with the beaten yolk, and lastly the white beaten to a stiff froth. Cook in hot buttered gem pans or earthen cups in a quick oven half an hour, or until the puffs are brown and well popped over.

Rye Gems, Or Shells (Without Soda)

cup rye meal.

cup flour.

1 saltspoonful salt.

2 eggs.

1 tablespoonful sugar.

1 cup milk.

Mix the meal, flour, and salt. Beat the yolks; add the sugar and milk. Stir this into the dry mixture; add the whites, beaten stiff. Bake in iron gem pans, or stone cups, thirty to forty minutes. One cup of mixed rye meal, while corn meal, and whole-wheat, flour, in about equal proportions, may be used in the same way. This receipt makes six gems.

1 The egg may be beaten but slightly, without separating, and then beaten well in the batter.

Whole-Wheat Or Graham Gems, Or Puffs. (A. W.)

2 cups of whole-wheat floor. teaspoonful salt. 1 tabkspoonful sugar.

2 eggs, beaten separately. 1 cup milk. 1 cop water.

Mix flour, salt, and sugar. Add the milk to the beaten yolks, then the water, and stir this into the dry mixture. Add the whites, beaten stiff, and bake in hissing hot gem pans thirty minutes.

Whole-Wheat Crisps (Specially Good For Children)

1 cup rich cream, sweet or sour.

cup sugar.

1 saltspoonful salt.

2 cups fine granulated wheat floor, or enough to make a stiff dough.

Knead fifteen minutes, or till stiff enough to roll out thin as a wafer. Cut with a biscuit cutter, and bake on un-greased tins in a very hot oven. The sugar will sweeten the sour cream sufficiently.

Fine Granulated Wheat Gems (No Yeast, Soda, Nor Eggs)

1 cop water. 1 cop milk.

1 saltspoonful salt. 2 cops fine granulated wheat.

Stir the flour slowly into the liquid, until you have a drop batter. Then beat as rapidly and as long as your arm will allow. Hare the iron gem pans hissing hot. and well buttered. Fill quickly, giving the batter a brisk beating several tunes during the filling, and bake at once in a very hot oven.

Maryland, Or Beaten Biscuit. (Mrs. Towne.)

1 quart flour. cup lard.

teaspoonful salt. 1 cup cold water.

Rub the lard and salt into the flour, and mix with cold water to a very stiff dough. Knead ten minutes, or until well mixed; then beat hard with a biscuit beater or heavy rolling-pin, turning the mass over and over until it begins to blister and looks light and puffy, or "till, pulling off a piece quickly, it will give a sharp, snapping sound." When in this condition, pull off a small piece suddenly, form it into a round biscuit, then pinch off a bit from the top. Turn over and press with the thumb, leaving a hollow in the centre. Put the biscuit some distance apart in the pan. Prick with a fork. Bake twenty minutes in a quick oven. They should be light, of a fine, even grain, and crack at the edges like our crackers. In Mayland no young lady's education was formerly considered finished until she had learned the art of making beaten biscuit.