General Directions

The simplest way of cooking vegetables is usually the best; but all kinds need seasoning or to be served with a sauce. They should be cooked only until tender. The time depends upon their freshness. The same vegetable sometimes takes twice the time to cook when wilted. They should be well washed in cold water to remove all dust and insects, and if wilted, should stand some time in it to refresh them. Green vegetables are put into salted boiling water, and cooked rapidly in an uncovered saucepan. This will preserve their color. Overcooking destroys both their color and appearance. When done they should be removed from the water at once and be well drained before the seasoning is added.


One vegetable only besides potato is served with a meat course, but cauliflower, stuffed tomatoes, asparagus, green corn, egg-plant, artichokes, or mushrooms may be served as a separate course.

Canned Vegetables

When using canned vegetables, turn them onto a sieve or colander, and let water from the faucet run over them in order to remove the taste of the can which they sometimes have.

Vegetable Cutters.


1. Plane for cutting Saratoga Potatoes. 4. Potato scoops for cutting balls.

2. Potato Press for making potato rice.

3. Fluted knives for potato straws or fluted slices, and for potato curls.