Put a half peck of spinach into cold water to freshen; pick i over carefully, removing all the wilted and yellow leaves. Pas it through five changes of water to free it from grit. Put it in a saucepan; enough water will cling to it for the cooking Cover the saucepan; stir occasionally so it does not burn After fifteen minutes add a tablespoonful of salt, and cook five minutes longer; then turn it into a colander to drain; when i is dry chop it very fine. Put into a saucepan one and a half tablespoonfuls of butter, and one tablespoonful of flour. After. they are a little cooked add a teaspoonful of salt, dash of pep per, and the spinach. Cook five minutes; then add a half cup ful of cream or milk, and cook another five minutes. Sti constantly, to prevent burning. Taste to see if the seasoning i right. Serve either in a vegetable dish, or in the center of a dish with chops around it, or in bread boxes as shown in illustration or press the spinach into individual timbale molds, place each form on a square of toast, and garnish the top of each one in imitation of a daisy by placing in the center some of the yolks of hard-boiled eggs which have been pressed through a sieve, and around this center a circle of the whites of the eggs chopped fine; or a thick slice of hard-boiled egg may be pressed into the top of each mold.

Spinach Served In Croustades Or Bread Boxes.


Border of alternate strips of carrot and turnip. Top circles of carrot and turnip.

Spinach Souffle

Take a cupful of spinach which has been prepared as directed above (any that is left over can be utilized in this way); mix with it the beaten yolk of an egg, and stir it over the fire until the egg is set. Let it cool. When ready to serve stir into it lightly the well-beaten whites of three eggs. Fill individual china cups or buttered paper boxes half full, and place them in a hot oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Serve at once. Like any souffle, it will fall if not sufliciently baked, or if not served very promptly.

Chartreuse Of Spinach Or Of Cabbage

Boil a large carrot and turnip; cut them into slices lengthwise three eighths of an inch thick, then into strips of the same width. Butter well a tin basin, with slightly flaring sides, or a plain mold. Ornament the bottom with hard-boiled egg, or with fancy pieces of the vegetables. Around the sides of the mold place close together alternate strips of the carrot and turnip. If the mold is well buttered they will easily hold in place. Fill the center with spinach or with seasoned chopped cabbage, and press it down so it is quite firm; smooth the top and cut off the strips of vegetable so that they are even. Heat the chartreuse by placing the mold in a pan of hot water and putting both in the oven for a few minutes. Turn the chartreuse on a flat dish to serve. A white or a vinaigrette sauce goes well with this dish. Birds, veal cutlets, chops, chicken, or sweetbreads may be placed on top of the chartreuse if desired.

Chartreuse Of Spinach.