Almond Cake

Blanch half a pound of sweet, and three ounces of bitter almonds; pound them to a paste in a mortar with orange-flower water; add half a pound of sifted loaf sugar, and a little brandy; whisk separately, for half an hour, the whites and yolks of twenty eggs, add the yolks to the almonds and sugar, and then stir in the whites, and beat them all well together. Butter a tin pan, sift bread raspings over it, put the cake into it, over the top of which strew sifted loaf sugar. Bake it in a quick oven for half or three-quarters of an hour.

Almond Small Cakes

One pound of butter beaten to a cream, half a pound of finely-pounded and sifted loaf sugar, half a pound of dried and sifted flour, and the same quantity of blanched sweet almonds cut into thin small bits, one well-beaten egg, and a little rose water, must be mixed well together, and with a spoon dropped upon wafer paper or tins, and then baked.

Almond Cake (1)

Take eight ounces of Jordan and one ounce of bitter almonds, blanch and pound them very fine; then beat in with the almonds the yolks of eight eggs, and whisk up the whites to a solid froth. Then take eight table-spoonfuls of sifted sugar, five spoonfuls of fine flour, a small quantity of grated lemon-peel and pounded cinnamon, and mix all the ingrethents. Rub the inside of a mould with fresh butter, fill it with the mixture and bake it of a light color.

Almond Cake (2)

Put a gill of flour upon a pie-board, and make a hole in the middle to receive a piece of butter the size of an egg, a little salt, a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, and six ounces of sweet almonds pounded very fine: knead the whole, and form it into a cake; bake, and glaze it with sugar and a hot salamander.

Almond Cake (3)

Weigh three eggs in their shells, take the same weight of flour, of the finest fresh butter, and of grated loaf sugar. Pound with these ingredients three ounces of sweet almonds blanched; add a Utile grated lemon-peel, or orange-flower water, and the whites and yolks of three eggs. Continue pounding till the whole forms a smooth paste. Butter the bottom of a baking-pan, and put in the cake with fire above and below. This cake may be served either hot or cold, with grated sugar over it.