White Cake

Take of dried and sifted flour,of fresh butter and of finely-pounded loaf sugar, one pound each; five well-beaten eggs, a quarter of a pint of cream, of candied orange and lemon peel, cut small, three quarters of an ounce each; one ounce of caraway seeds, half a grated nutmeg, a glass of brandy, and a little rose water; then beat the butter to a cream, and add all the other ingredients to it, and at the last mix in one table-spoonful of fresh yeast; let the cake rise before the fire for half an hour. Bake it in a buttered tin. Instantly upon taking it out of the oven, with a feather, brush the top all over with the beaten white of an egg, and then sift loaf sugar upon it. Let it stand at the mouth of the oven to harden.

Yeast Cakes

Take a pound of flour, two pounds of currants, washed and picked, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter a quarter of a pound of Lisbon sugar, a quarter of a pound of citron and candied orange-peel cut into slices, cinnamon and mace, a small quantity of each pounded and sifted. Make a hole in the centre of the ingredients, put in a gill of sweet wine, a little warm milk, mix all together, fill a hoop with it, let it remain till it rises, and bake it.

Yorkshire Cakes

Take two pounds of flour, and mix with it four ounces of butter, melted in a pint of good milk, three spoonfuls of yeast, and two eggs; beat all well together, and let it rise; then knead it, and make it into cakes; let them rise on tins before you bake, which do in a slow oven. Anothe sort is made as above, leaving out the butter. The fust is shorter, the last lighter.

Biscuit Cake

One pound of flour, five eggs well-beaten and strained, eight ounces of sugar, a little rose or orange-flower water, beat the whole thoroughly, and bake it for one hour.

Cakes Made Of Flowers

Boil double refined sugar to a candy height, and strew in your flowers and let them boil once up; then, with your hand, lightly strew in a little double refined sugar sifted, and put it directly into little pans made of card, and pricked full of holes at the bottom; you must set the pans on a cushion, and when they are cold, take them out.

Honeycomb Cakes

Boil your sugar to a candy height; then put in your flowers, which must be cut; have little papers with four coiners ready; drop some of your candy on the papers, take them off when ready, and if they are rightly done, they will look full of holes like honeycombs.