Almond Cheesecakes. (1)

Take half a pound of Jordan almonds, lay them in cold water all night; the next morning blanch them in cold water; then take them out and dry them in a clean cloth, beat them very fine in a little orange flower water; then take six eggs, leave out four whites, with a little beaten mace; beat them well in a marble mortar; take ten ounces of fresh butter, melt it, add a little grated lemon-peel, and put them in the mortar with the other ingredients; mix all well together and till your patty-pans, having lined them with thin pull' paste.

Almond Cheesecakes. (2)

Blanch and pound four ounces of almonds, and a few bitter with a spoonful of water; then add four ounces of sugar pounded, a spoonful of cream, and the whiles of two eggs well beaten; mix all as quick as possible; put into very small patty-pans, and bake in a pretty warm oven twenty minutes.

Almond Cheesecakes. (3)

Blanch six ounces of sweet, and half an ounce of bitter almonds; let them lie half an hour in a drying stove, or before the fire; pound them very line in a mortar, with two table-spoonfuls of rose water, to prevent them from oiling; set into a stew-pan half a pound of fresh butter; set it in a warm place, and cream it very smooth with the hand, and add it to the almonds, with six ounces of sifted loaf sugar, a little grated lemon-peel, some good cream, and four eggs; rub all well together with the pestle; cover a patty-pan with puff paste; fill in the mixture; ornament it with slices of candied lemon-peel and almonds split, and bake it half an hour in a brisk oven.