Insert the point of the knife inside the shoulder at 1, and divide all the way down to the rump, at 2: do the same on the other side, and you will have the hare in three pieces. Pass the knife under the rise of the shoulder, at 2-1, to take it off; the leg may be severed in a similar manner: then behead it - cut off the ears close to the roots, and divide the upper from the lower jaw. Next place the former flat on a plate, put the point of the knife into the forehead, and divide it through the centre down to the nose. Cut the back into convenient portions, lay the pieces neatly on the dish, and proceed to serve the company, giving some stuffing (which will be found in the inside) and gravy to each person.

The prime parts are the back and legs; the ears are considered a luxury by some, as are the head and brains: they may be distributed to those that like them.

Should the hare not be very tender, it will be difficult to divide the sides from the back, but take off the legs by cutting through the joints, which you must endeavor to hit. You will then be able to cut a few slices from each side of the back. Next dissever the shoulders, which are called the sportsman's joints, and are preferred by many. The back, etc, may then be carved as directed above.


The directions for cutting up a hare will be amply sufficient to enable the carver to dispose of this animal. The best part is the shoulders and back, which must be divided into three or four pieces, according to its size. The head should not be given unless asked for.