Take of the best and largest almonds what quantity you please, and haying washed them in cold water, let them drain and dry on a sieve for twenty-four hours. The next day weigh them, and for each pound of almonds take three pounds of sugar; clarify the latter and boil it to the degree petit lisse; then let it cool a little. Have your tossing pan ready; on your right hand, a chafing dish to keep your pan containing the sirup constantly warm; and on your left hand, a table with a mixture of powder and flour (of each half a pound to a pound of almonds). All being ready, put the almonds into the pan, and pour over them one or two large spoonfuls of the sirup, and shake them so that all the almonds may he wetted with sirup; then take a handful or two of the flour and powder, and strew it over the wet almonds; shake them again, that the flour may adhere all round the almonds. After this, swing the pan backwards and forwards, by which means the almonds roll about in every direction; continue this motion until they become dry; then moisten and powder them as before; swing the pan again, and when dry, repeat the process a third, fourth, and fifth time, or more, until they are of a proper size; then pour over them the sirup for the last time, without the powder, and, having swung and dried them, take them out and place them on sieves in a warm place, that they may dry perfectly before you put them by for use.

Observe, that after a few layers of the sirup, the superabundant parts of that and the powder form a white crust at the bottom of the pan; as soon as it acquires any degree of thickness, the pan must be taken from the fire, the almonds carefully removed with an iron spatula, and the crust broken oft; when the pan has been well washed and dried, replace the almonds and proceed with your work. This must be strictly attended to, not only with this, but in making all kinds of sweetmeats. The sugar thus cleared away may be made useful for many purposes-Common Almond Dragees are made in the same manner; the only difference consists in having ingredients of an inferior quality.