Make twenty-four eggs, a pound of powder-sugar, and three-quarters of a pound of dried and sifted flour, into a biscuit paste, as directed for Spoon Biscuits; then beat four ounces of dissolved chocolate in an earthen pan, and add to it a third of the paste; when it is well mixed, divide it in half, and to one half mix a quarter of the biscuit-paste, which will tinge that portion a light chocolate color. After this, mix together some vegetable red and infusion of saffron to color half the remaining paste orange; then divide that again, and mix the last quarter with half the orange-color, thus your paste will be colored with two shades of chocolate and two of orange.

Make two paper cases, each eight inches square and three high, pour into one of these a large spoonful of the chocolate-paste, and when it has spread over the bottom of the case, pour in one of the orange-colored, on which another of the chocolate, and so on, alternately, until the case is half full; then sprinkle it with flour, and put it into a slow oven for three-quarters of an hour. Put the remainder of your biscuit-paste (both colors) into a pan and stir them together with a spoon till the whole is veined, or clouded with the two colors; pour it into the other case-, sprinkle it with flour and bake like the former; when quite cold, cut them into slices about two incites thick, half of which should be broken, and the other half cut in pieces of an equal size, lay them on a baking-plate, and dry them in the oven. These are generally used to make the rocks in ornamental pastry, and may be colored with the usual materials, according to your fancy.