Angelica Cakes

Take four ounces of angelica powder, and two pounds of fine sugar. Beat up the white of an egg with a little sifted sugar, until it is of the consistence of cream cheese; dissolve the sugar in a skillet and skim it; when it has boiled a little, throw in the angelica, and boil the sugar to petit casse, then take it from the fire, put in half a spoonful of the beaten egg, and stir it quickly until the sugar rises, then stop, and when it has fallen again, stir till it rises a second time; it may now be poured into moulds or paper cases, well oiled and sprinkled with sifted sugar.

Angelica (Essence Of) Jelly

Having washed and well dried two ounces of angelica-roots; cut them in pieces and throw them into boiling sirup, (three-quarters of a pound of sugar,) with an ounce of bruised angelica seeds; cover the mixture close, and when cold, add to it half a glass of kirsch-wasser, and pass it through a tammy; then filter, and afterwards put to it an ounce of isinglass: stir it lightly with a silver spoon; pound ten pounds of ice, and put it into a large sieve or pan, place your mould in the middle of the ice, taking care that it touches the ice in every part; pour the jelly into the mould, cover it with a saucepan lid, put ice on that, and let it stand for three hours; after that time have ready a saucepan large enough to take in the mould easily; fill it with water so warm that you can scarcely bear your hand in it; plunge the mould in so as to allow the water to pass over the whole, but as quickly as possible, and then turn the jelly into your dish for table. This last operation should be performed with great agility. Observe, in making these kind of jellies, that no tinned or pewter vessels or spoons should be used, as they impart a violet tinge to your jellies, which ought to be of the color of the ingredients employed, as for instance the above should be a clear light green color.

Angelica Paste

Take young and pithy angelica stalks, boil them till tender, drain and press all the water out; beat them in a mortar to a paste', and rub it through a sieve. Next day dry it over the fire, and to every pound of paste put a pound of powder-sugar. When the paste is hot add the sugar, stirring it till thoroughly mixed, over a gentle fire. Drop it on plates, dust a little sugar over them, and dry them in a stove.

Angelica Preserved

Take the stalks of angelica when of a good size, but before they have run to seed; clear off the leaves, and as you cut the stalks into proper lengths throw them into water, and boil them till the stalks are soft; take them from the fire, and put them into cold water; take off the skin, and again put them into cold water; then drain and put them into an earthen pan, and pour over a sufficient quantity of clarified sugar to float the angelica. In twentv-four hours boil the sugar tea or a dozen times, and when lukewarm pour it over the stalks. Proceed in the same way for four succeeding days; after which, drain the stalks, and in the meanwhile boil the sugar (adding more, if necessary) to the degree grande perle; put the angelica to this, cover it close, and let it boil five or six times. Take it from the fire, scum, and put it by in pots.

Angelica Preserved Dry

Proceed as for the liquid, until you have poured the sugar au grand perle over the angelica; leave it for a day in the sugar, then drain and dry it on slates, or iron plates, in a stove.

Angelica Water

Wash eight handfuls of angelica leaves, cut, and lay them on a table to dry. When quite dry, put them in an earthen pot with a gallon of strong wine lees. Let it stand twenty-four hours, stir it twice in that time, then put it into a warm still or alembic; draw oft into bottles, covered with paper pricked in holes?, and let them stand thus two or three days. Sweeten it, and when it is settled, bottle, and stop it close.