Apple Dumplings, Baked

Make them in the same way, but instead of tieing them in cloths lay them in a buttered dish and bake them.

Dried Or Baked Apples

Always choose the clearest of baking apples, prick them rather deep with a pointed knife in several places, and put them in a moderate oven upon a baking plate; when half done squeeze them pretty flat with the hands, strew them on both sides with powder sugar, and put them again into a soaking oven, with some more sugar over them. Keep them in a dry place.

Apples Festooned

Peel some golden pippins, core them whole, and stew them to three parts with sugar and a little water; make the sirup pretty rich to clog to the apples; wrap them round with a thin paste, cut with a paste-cutter, and make knots or flowers with the same paste to put on the top of the apples; rasp some sugar over, and bake a very short time.

Apple Floating Island

Bake or scald eight or nine large apples; when cold pare and pulp them through a sieve, beat this up with fine sugar; put to it the whites of four or five eggs that have been beaten with a little rose water; mix it a little at a time, and beat it till it is light; heap it on a rich custard or on jelly.

Apple Fool

Pare, core, and cut into thin bits, some good stewing apples; stew them till tender, with a little water, two cloves, a bit of cinnamon, and the peel of half a lemon; pulp half a pound through a sieve, and add the same weight of brown sugar, the juice of a lemon, and the whites of two eggs; beat them all together for an hour. Serve it upon rich cream, or a boiled custard, in a glass dish. It may be made in the same way as the gooseberry tool, as may also stewed rhubarb.

Apple Fraze

Cut apples into thick slices, and fry them of a clear light brown; take them from the pan, and lay them to drain; they may be pared or not; then make a batter. Take five eggs, leaving out two whites, beat them up with cream or flour, and a little white wine, make it of the consistence of pancake batter; pour in a little melted butler, mixed with nutmeg and sugar. Let the batter be hot, and drop in the fritters, laying on every one a slice of apple, and then a spoonful of batter on each. Fry them of a pale blown, when taken up, strew double-refined sugar all over them.

Glazed Apples

Peel a dozen of apples and leave the tails; gore at the opposite side not quite through, and boil them with half a pint of red wine, some sugar-, and a spoonful of brandy, simmer slowly that they may not break; when nearly done, take them out, reduce the sirup to a caramel, and put in the apples, rubbing them all over with it; or you may wrap them in a paste, rasp sugar over, bake a short time, and glaze with a white glaze.

Apples In Pancakes

Cut some apples very small, stew them with a little white wine, grated lemon-peel, pounded cinnamon, and brown sugar; mash them, and spread it over pancakes; roll them up, and serve with sifted loaf sugar over them.