Apricot Jam (1)

Weigh equal quantities of pounded loaf sugar and of apricots; pare and cut them quite small; as they are done, strew over half of the sugar. The following day boil the remainder, and add the apricots; stir it till it boils, take off the scum, and when perfectly clear, add part of the kernels blanched, and boil it two or three minutes.

Apricot Jam (2)

Allow equal proportions of pounded loaf sugar and of apricots; pare, and cut them small; as they are done, strew part of the sugar over them, and put the parings into cold water. Break the stones, blanch and pound the kernels* which, with the shells and paring?, boil till half the quantity of water is reduced, and there is a sufficiency of the liquor, when strained, to allow three or four table-spoon-fuls to a pound of apricots; put it, with the sugar and fruit, into a preserving pan; mash, and take oft" the scum; boil it quickly, till transparent.

Apricot, Or Any Plum Jam

After taking away the stones from the apricots, and cutting out any blemishes they may have; put them over a slow fire, in a clean stewpan, with half a pint of water; when scajded, rub them through a hair sieve: to every pound of pulp put one pound of sifted loaf sugar; put it into a preserving-pan over a brisk fire, and when it boils skim it well, and throw in the kernels of the apricots, and half an ounce of bitter almonds, blanched; boil it a quarter of an hour fast, and stirring it all the time; remove it from the fire, and fill it into pots, and cover them as directed in Raspbeny Jam. N. B. - Green gages or plums may be done in the same way, omitting the kernels or almonds.