Black Currant Jam

Gather your currants on a dry day, when they are full ripe, pick them from the stalks, wash them well in a basin, and to every pound of currants, put a pound of double refined sugar, beaten and sifted; put them into a preserving pan, boil them half an hour, skim, and keep them stirring all the time: then put them into pots: when cold, put brandy paper over, and tie white paper over all.

Cherry Jam

Having stoned and boiled three pounds of fine cherries, bruise them, and let the juice run from them; then boil together half a pound of red currant juice, and half a pound of loaf sugar, put the cherries into these whilst they are boiling, and strew on them three-quarters of a pound of sifted sugar. Boil all together very fast for half an hour, and then put it into pots. When cold put on brandy papers.

Gooseberry Jam

Take what quantity you please of red, rough, ripe gooseberries; take half their quantity of lump sugar; break them well, and boil them together for half an hour, 01 more if necessary. Put it into pots, and cover with paper.

Gooseberry For Puddings Jam

Allow equal weight of the red rough gooseberries, and of good brown sugar; gather the fruit upon a dry day; top and tail them, and put a layer alternately of gooseberries and of sugar into a preserving pan; shake it frequently, skim it well, and boil it till the sirup jellies, which may be ascertained by cooling a little in a saucer. Black and red currants may be done in this way for common use.

Peach Jam

Gather the peaches when quite ripe, peel and stone them, put them into a preserving-pan, and mash them over the fire till hot; rub them through a sieve, and add to a pound of pulp the same weight of pounded loaf sugar, and half an ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and pounded; let it boil ten or twelve minutes, stir and skim it well.

Raspberry Jam

Weigh equal proportions of pounded loaf sugar and of raspberries; put the fruit into a preserving-pan, and with a silver spoon bruise and mash it well; let boil six minutes; add the sugar, and stir it well with the fruit; when it boils, skim it, and boil it for fifteen minutes.

Strawberry Jam

Gather the scarlet strawberries when perfectly ripe, bruise them well, and add the juice of other strawberries; take an equal weight of lump sugar, pound and sift it, stir it thoroughly into the fruit, and set it on a slow fire; boil it twenty minutes, taking off the scum as it rises; pour it into glasses, or jars, and when cold, tie them down.

White Or Red Currant Jam

Pick the fruit very nicely, and allow an equal quantity of finely-pounded loaf sugar; put a layer of each alternately into a preserving pan, and boil for ten minutes; or they may be boiled the same length of time in sugar previously clarified and boiled candy high.