Beef Hashed (1)

Take three or four onions, chop them very fine, and put them into a stewpan, with a piece of butter and a little flour; stir it over the fire till nearly done and well browned; then moisten them with a little stock and half a glass of wine, adding some salt and coarse pepper; let them stew till they are thoroughly done, and very little sauce remains; then put in the cold beef, minced small, and let the whole simmer till it has taken the flavor of the onion. When you serve, add a spoonful of mustard and a little vinegar.

Beef Hashed (2)

Cut some of the underdone part of the beef, in slices, with some of the fat, put it into a small stewpan, with some onion or shallot, (a very little will do), a little water, pepper, and salt: boil it till the onion is quite soft, then put some of the gravy of the meat to it, and the hash. Do not let it boil; have a small hot dish with sippets of bread ready, and put the hash into it, but first mix a large spoonful of vinegar with it; if shallot vinegar is used there will be no need of the onion or raw shallot. You may add a spoonful of walnut liquor or catchup. Observe, that it is owing to boiling hashes or minces, thai they get hard. All sorts of stews, or meal dressed a second time, should be only simmered; and this last only hot through.