Bergamot Drops

Mix the juice of four or five lemons, and some sifted sugar, with a wooden spoon; add to this twenty drops of essence of bergamot; mix it well in, and having stirred it over the fire three or four minutes, drop it about the size of a sixpence on writing paper, and let them stand till cold.

Bergamot Wafers

Squeeze six lemons into a basin, and mix some sifted sugar, essence of bergamot, and the white of an egg, with the juice; beat them together till very white; if it becomes too thick, add the juice of another lemon; spread your paste., and dry them as barberry wafers.

Bergamot Water

To the rinds of three bergamots, put a gallon of proof spirit, and two quarts of water; draw off one gallon by the bain marie, and sweeten with sugar.

Bergamot Water

Take three gills of sirup, the juice of six lemons, and when diluted sufficiently with water, add a tea-spoonful of essence of bergamot. Strain it through a fine sieve for use.

Bergamot Water Ice

Stir together the juice of three lemons, two gills of sirup, half a pint of water, and half a tea-spoonful of essence of bergamot, strain and freeze it.