Bouchees De Dames

Mix with six eggs, a quarter of a pound of sugar, three ounces of potato-flour, a little salt, and a pinch of dried orange-flowers: beat them together well, and having buttered a tin, lay your paste on it, and bake it in a gentle oven for a quarter of an hour; when done, cut it in pieces, about the size of a crown piece, and glaze them, mask them according to your pleasure, and dry them in the oven.

Bouchees Petites, Glacees

Roll some puff paste to about the eighth of an inch in thickness, and with a plain round paste-cutter, of two inches diameter, cut out as many cakes as you may require; then with a smaller cutter, take out the middle of half the number, so as to make rings of them; moisten the edges of the former, and lay the rings on them; wet them also as you lay them down, sprinkle them lightly with powder sugar, and bake them in a brisk oven. These bouchees require great attention in baking, as the sugar is apt to dissolve and color too quickly; when done, they should be of a reddish tinge. Fill them with sweatmeats, preserves, or whip-pea cream, according to fancy.

Bouchees De Monsieur

Pound a slick of vanilla with two ounces of powder-sugar, and then sifl it; mix with it seven additional ounces of dry powder-sugar, and half a pound of sifted flour; add to this the whites of four eggs, whipped firm, and work them together till the paste is very smooth and soft. Heat two copperplates, rub them over with wax, and then wipe them; when cold, lay the paste with a knife, in pieces about the size of a filbert, shaded quite round, leave three-quarters of an inch space between each; when the plates are full, put them on stools in an oven, so that they can receive no heat from below, then put a stove with hot coals on the top of the oven, and let them remain in this state for twenty-four hours; then put them for fifteen or twenty minutes into a moderate oven. Take them from the plates whilst hot, and as soon as cold, finish them in the same way as bouchees de dames; glaze them with chocolate, a la rose, with pistachios, orange, cedrat, etc. etc. They may also be masked with sugar, pistachios, currants, etc.

Bouchees Petites, Meringues Auxpistaches

Make them the same as above, strew sugar over without wetting the rings, and bake them to a light color in a moderate oven. Then mix a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar with three whites of eggs, well whipped, and mask the bouchees lightly with it, and glaze them with sugar; having ready a quarter of a pound of pistachio-nuts blanched, and each cut across sloping; place these pieces round the edge of the bouchees like a crown; and each piece of the pistachios being placed on the cut side, they stand out from the edge of the bouchee: this process being finished, put them in the oven again a few minutes, to color the egg; and in the meantime stir up the white of egg which remains, and make with it half as many meringuees as you have bouchees, sprinkle them with sugar, and color both sides of them in a slow oven; and when the bou-chtes are ready for table, fill them with whipped cream, with pistachios, and covet each with half a meringue.

Bouchees Petites, Perlees

Your bouchees being made and baked as above, whip the whites of two eggs to a firm froth, and mix them with four spoonfuls of sifted sugar, and when very smooth, mask your bouchees with it: then take some white of egg, and with the point of a knife, drop them in pearls about the size of a grape-stone, round each bouchee, half an inch apart, sprinkle them lightly with sugar, and dry the egg in the oven, taking care they do not lose their whiteness.

When cold, place between each pearl a smaller one of red-currant jelly. Fill your bouchees with apricot marmalade, apple-jelly, etc.; if, however, the jelly, or whatever else you may use, be of a red color, your intermediate pearls should be composed of light-colored preserve, such as apricot marmalade, etc. These should be pearled a few at a time only.

Bouchees Petites, Prali-Nees

Having prepared the bouchees as usual, dorez and bake them in a moderate oven; when they are of the proper color, mask them with whites of eggs mixed with sugar, and almonds minced very small; replace them in the oven a minute or two, and then strew red, or any other colored sugar on them, but not so thick as to cover the almonds entirely. Fill the bouchees as usual.

Bouchees Petites A La Reine

The same as above, only the paste must be cut thicker, and before you dorez, let them stand a few minutes. Bake in a brisk oven.