Barley Sugar

Clarify two pounds of sugar, and boil it to caramel height, in 9. deep copper vessel with a lip; pour it in straight lines about an inch thick, on a marble slab previously rubbed with butter. Whilst hot, take each end of the strips of sugar and twist it; when cold cut it into proper lengths and put them by in glasses. They must be kept in a dry place.

Barley Sugar Drops

Proceed as for barley sugar. Have ready a large sheet of white paper, covered with a smooth layer of sifted sugar. Pour out the boiled sugar in drops the size of a shilling; when cold, fold them separately in paper, a few drops of the essence of ginger or lemon will improve the flavor.

Barley Sirup

Make of a pound of barley three quarts of barley water; strain out the barley, and put to the water a hand-fid of scabious, tormentil, hyssop, agrimony, horehound, maiden hair, sanicle, betons, burage, buglose, rosemary, marigolds, sage, violets and cowslips, of each a pint, when picked; a pound of raisins stoned, half a pound of tigs cut, a quarter of a pound of dates stoned; half a pound of green liquorice, caraway, fennel and aniseed, of each one ounce, hartshorn, ivy, elecampane roots, of each an ounce; the roots of fennel, asparagus, couch-grass, polipodium, and oak parsley, of each a handful: clean, bruise the seeds, slice the roots, and put. all into the barley water, cover close, and boil gently for twelve bouts; then strain and press out the juice, and Jet it stand twenty-four hours; when clear, add to it rose water and hyssop, half a pint of each, and a pint of clarified juice of coltsfoot, a drachm of saffron, three pints of the best honey, and as many pounds of sugar as quarts of liquor, boil this an hour and a half, keeping it clean scummed, then bottle it, cork it well, and put by for use.

Barley Water

Put a quarter of a pound of pearl-barley into two quarts of water, let it boil, skim it very (dean, boil half away, and strain it off. Sweeten according to taste, and put in two glasses of while wine, or some lemon-juice. Drink it warm.