Set a pan of clean cold water on the table, and a saucepan on the fine with plenty of water, and a handful of salt in it. Broccoli is prepared by stripping off all the side shoots, leaving the top; peel off the skin of the stalk with a knife; cut it close off at the bottom, and put it into the pan of cold water. When the water in the stewpan boils, and the broccoli is ready, put it in; let it boil briskly til! the stalks feel tender, from ten to twenty minutes; take it up with a slice, that you may not break it; iei it drain, and serve up. If some of the heads of broccoli are much bigger than the outers, put them on to boil first, so that they may get all done together. Observations: It makes a nice supper-dish served upon a toast, like asparagus. It is a very delicate vegetable, and you must take it up the moment it is done, and send it to table hot.