Brown Gravy Soup (1)

Take fifteen pounds of a leg or shin of beef, cut off the meat in bits, rub the bottom of the pot with butter, put in the meat, let it brown for nearly an hour, turning it constantly, break the bone and take out the marrow, which may be kept for a pudding, but it is considered better than butter to brown the meat with; put to it fourteen quarts of cold water, and the bones; when it boils, skim it perfectly clean, and add six good-sized red onions, one carrot cut in three, one head of celery, a good handful of whole black and Jamaica pepper mixed; let this boil very gently ten or twelve hours closely covered, if upon a fire, but if done upon a hot plate, not to be covered; strain it through a cullender, and then through a hair sieve, into a large pan, to be kept for use. Return the meat and bones into the pot with three or four quarts of hot water; let it boil nearly two hours, and strain it off. This makes good stock for gravies, stews, or any made dishes.

This gravy soup keeps perfectly good for three or four weeks. When it is to be boiled to send to table, first boil vermicelli, or macaroni, in a little salt and water, till tender; strain it, and add it to the soup just before serving. This soup is quite pure, and requires no clearing. It is a most convenient thing to have in a house in cold weather, as it is always ready for use; and, served with dry toast to eat with it, makes an acceptable luncheon.

The trimmings of meat, giblets, and bones, may be boiled with the beef for this soup.

Brown Gravy Soup (2)

Cut down three pounds of gravy beef, and put it on in a stewpan with three onions cut small, and two ounces of butter; let it brown well, stirring it to prevent the onions from burning; then add four quarts of water, one head of celery, of carrots and turnips two each, with some whole black pepper and salt; boil it gently for four hours; strain it; and the next mav take off the fat. When it is healed, add some vermicelli, previously boiled in water, and serve it after boiling ten minutes.