How To Stew Cabbage

Wash a cabbage well, slice it as for pickling, and put it into a stewpan, with half a tea-cupful of Port wine, and a bit of butter kneaded in flour, a little salt and pepper; stir it till the butter is melted; cover the pan, and let it stew a little, but not to become too soft; as it eats better rather crisp; add a table-spoonful of vinegar, give it one boil, and serve it hot. The wine may be omitted.

How To Pickle Cabbage

Choose two middling-sized, well-colored, and firm red cabbages, shred them very finely, first pulling off the outside leaves; mix with them nearly half a pound of salt, tie it up in a thin cloth, and let it hang for twelve hours; then put it into small jars, and pour over it cold vinegar that has been boiled with a few barberries in it; tie the jar over closely with bladder; or boil, in a quart of vinegar, three bits of ginger, half an ounce of pepper, and a quarter of an ounce of cloves. When cold, pour it over the red cabbage.

Red Cabbage

Get a fine purple cabbage, take off the outside leaves, quarter it, lake out the stalk, shred the leaves into a colander, sprinkle them with salt, let them remain till the morrow, drain them dry, put them into a jar, and cover them with the pickle for beet roots.


Are boiled in the same manner as cabbages; quarter them when you send them to table.