Curd Cakes

Take a quart of curds, eight eggs, leaving out four whites; put in sugar, grated nutmeg, and a little flour; mix these well togetner, heat butter, in a frying-pan, drop them in, and fry like fritters.

Derby Or Short Cakes

Rub in with the hand one pound of butter into two pounds of sifted flour; put one pound of currants, one pound of good moist sugar, and one egg; mix all together with half a pint of milk: roll it out thin, and cut them into round cakes with a cutter; lay them on a clean baking-plate, and put them into a middling-heated oven for about five minutes.

Diet Bread Cake

Boil, in half a pint of water, one pound and a half of lump sugar; have ready one pint of eggs, three parts yolks, in a pan; pour in the sugar, and whisk it quick till cold, or about a quarter of an hour; then stir in two pounds of sifted flour; case the inside of square tins with white paper: fill them three parts full; sift a little sugar over, and bake it in a warm oven, and while hot remove them from the moulds.

Dauphine Cake

Beat separately the whites and yolks of twenty eggs; to the yolks add a pound of pounded and sifted loaf sugar, the grated peel of one lemon, and two or three table-spoonfuls of orange-flower water; then stir in the whites, and lightly mix in half a pound of dried and sifted flour. Bake it in a moderate oven.

Fashion Cake

Mix a handful of flour with a pint of good cream, half a pound of beef suet, melted and sifted, a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar, half a pound of raisins, stoned and chopped, dried flowers of orange, a glass of brandy, a little coriander, and salt; bake it as all other cakes, about an hour, and glaze or garnish it.

Fourres Cake

Make a puff paste, form it into two equal parts the size of the dish in which you mean to place your cake, and the thickness of two crowns each; then take one of the cakes and put upon it some sweetmeats, leaving about an inch, as a border, all round; wet it with water and place the other cake upon it, draw up the edges carefully with your fingers; gild them with the yolk of egg, and bake them in an oven.

French Cake

Twelve eggs, the yolks and whites beaten well and separately, one pound of pounded and* sifted loaf sugar, the grated peel of a large lemon, half a pound of sifted and dried flour, the same weight of sifted and dried ground rice, four ounces of sweet, and one of bitter almonds, pounded in a mortar together, with a table-spoonful of orange-flower water. Mix all these ingrethents gradually, and beat them well. Paper the pan, and bake the cake for one hour.

Family Cake

Take rice and flour, of each six ounces, the yolks and whites of nine eggs, half a pound of lump sugar, pounded and sifted, and half an ounce of caraway seeds. Having beaten this one hour, bake it for the same time in a quick oven. This is a very light cake, and is very proper for young people and delicate stomachs.