Rich Gingerbread Cakes

To one pound of dried and sifted flour, allow half a pound of pounded loaf sugar, three-quarters of a pound of fresh butter washed in rose water, one pound of treacle, one nutmeg grated, the weight of a nutmeg of pounded mace, and as much of pounded cinnamon, one ounce of pounded ginger, one and a half of candied orange and lemon-peel, cut small, half an ounce of blanched sweet almonds, cut it into long thin bits, and two well-beaten eggs. Melt the butter with the treacle, and when nearly cold, stir in the eggs and the rest of the ingredients; mix all well together, make it into round cakes, and bake them upon tins.

Gingerbread Cake

Take two pounds of treacle, two and a quarter of flour of brown sugar and fresh butter three-quarters of a pound each, four ounces of caraway seeds, the same quantity of candied orange-peel cut small, four well-beaten eggs, and half an ounce of pearl ashes; beat the butter to a cream, and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. The next day work it well up, and bake it in a buttered tin.

Glove Cake

With flour make into a paste thick enough to roll out, the beaten yolks of ten eggs, five table-spoonfuls of rich sweet cream, a little sugar, and some carda-mons; cut it into fanciful forms with small tins, and throw them into fresh boiling lard or butter; when of a light brown color, drain them before the fire. If fried in butter, add a little water to the butter, and make it boiling hot.

Girdle Cakes

Rub three ounces of fresh butter into one pound of flour, with half a tea-spoonful of salt; moisten with a sufficiency of sweet butter-milk to make it into a paste; roll it out, and cut it into cakes with a cup or tumbler, and bake them upon a girdle.

Honey Cakes

One pound and a half of dried and sifted flour, three-quarters of a pound of honey, half a pound of finely pounded loaf sugar, a quarter of a pound of citron, and half an ounce of orange-peel cut small, of pounded ginger and cinnamon, three quarters of an ounce. Melt the sugar with the honey, and mix in the other ingredients; roll out the paste, and cut it into small cakes of any form.

Heart Cakes

With your hand work a pound of butter to a cream, then put to it twelve eggs, with only six of the whites well-beaten, a pound of dried flour, a pound of sifted sugar, four spoonfuls of good brandy, and a pound of currants washed and dried before the fire. As the pans are filled, put in two ounces of candied orange and citron, and continue beating the cake till you put it into the oven. This quantity will be sufficient to fill three dozen of middling sized pans.

Irish Seed Cakes

Beat to a cream eight ounces of fresh butter, and a quarter of a pint of rose water, putting in a table-spoonful of rose water at a time; by degrees, mix into it a pound of sifted loaf sugar, and then nine well-beaten eggs; add twelve ounces of flour, and three of flour of rice dried and sifted, a quarter of a pound of blanched and pounded sweet or bitter almonds, a tea-spoonful of essence of lemon, and one ounce of caraway seeds; beat all these well together; bake it in a cake tin, which must be buttered and lined with paper, also buttered. It will require about one hour and a half to bake in a quick oven. It may be made without the almonds or the essence of lemon.