Plum Cake

Three pounds of flour, three pounds of currants, three-quarters of a pound of almonds, blanched and beat grossly, about half an ounce of them bitter, four ounces of sugar, seven yolks and six whites of egg's, one pint of cream, two pounds of butter, half a pint of good ale yeast; mix the eggs and the yeast together, strain them; set the cream on the fire, melt the butter in it; stir in the almonds, and half a pint of sack, part of which should be put to the almonds while beating; mix together the flour, currants and sugar, what nutmegs, cloves and mace are liked: stir these to the cream: put in the yeast.

Parliament Cakes

Put into a sauce pan two pounds of treacle, and when it boils, add a quarter of a pound of butter, and pour it upon two pounds of flour; add a little alum, and a bit of pearlash about the size of a nut, and an ounce of ginger. Work it well with the hand till quite smooth; let it stand a day and a night, then roll it out very thin, and cut it into oblong cakes.

Royal Cake

Put a very little lemon-peel, shred fine, into a stewpan, with two ounces of sugar, a small pinch of salt, a piece of butter half the size of an egg, a glass of water, and four or five spoonfuls of flour; stir over the fire till the paste becomes thick, and begins to adhere to the stewpan; then take it off, put in an egg, and stir it in the paste till it is well mixed; continue to add one egg at a time, till the paste softens without becoming liquid; then put in some dried orange flowers, and two bitter almond biscuits, the whole shred fine; make the paste into little cakes, about the size round of a half-crown; put them on buttered paper, gild them with the yolk of an egg beat up, and bake half an hour in an oven moderately hot.

Rich Cake

To two pounds and a half of dried and sifted flour allow the same quantity of fresh butter washed with rose-water, two pounds of finely-pounded loaf sugar, three pounds of cleaned and dried currants, one nutmeg grated, half a pound of sweetmeats cut small, a quarter of a pound of blanched almonds pounded with a little rose-water, and twenty eggs, the yolks and whites separately beaten. The butter must be beaten with the hand till it become like cream; then add the sugar, and by degrees the eggs, after these the rest of the ingredients, mixing in at last the currants, with a tea-cupful of brandy, and nearly as much orange-flower water. This mixture must be beaten together rather more than an hour, then put into a cakepan, which has previously been buttered and lined with buttered paper; fill it rather more than three-quarters full. It should be baked in a moderate oven for three hours, and then cooled gradually, by at first letting it stand sometime at the mouth of the oven.

Spanish Cakes

Rub, till quite fine and smooth, one pound of butter with two pounds of flour, then add a pound of good brown sugar, rolled fine; mix all together with four well-beaten eggs; break the paste into small bits or knobs, and bake them upon floured tins.