Almond Biscuits (1)

Blanch and pound a quarter of a pound of sweet almonds, sprinkling them occasionally with fine sugar; then beat them up for a quarter of an hour with an ounce of flour, the yolks of three eggs, and four ounces of fine sugar, adding afterwards the whites of four eggs whipped to a froth: have ready some paper moulds made like boxes, about the length of two fingers square; butter them within, and put in the biscuits, throwing over them equal quantities of flour and powdered sugar: bake in a cool oven, and when the biscuits are done of a good color, take them out of the papers. Bitter almond biscuits are made in the same manner, with this difference, that to two ounces of bitter almonds must be added one ounce of sweet almonds.

Almond Biscuits (2)

Take eight ounces of sweet, and as many bitter almonds, fifteen whites, and eight yolks of eggs, two ounces of flour, and two pounds of powder sugar, pour boiling water on your almonds, and almost immediately after turn that away and pour cold water on them; rub off the skins one by one with a napkin, then pound them to a paste in a mortar, moistening them with the whites of two eggs. Beat the fifteen whites to a snow, and the eight yolks with half the quantity of the sugar, and then mix them with the almond paste; put the remainder of the sugar into a basin; sift some flour over it; stir the mixture till all the ingrethents are thoroughly incorporated, and pour it into small paper cases, glaze them with the sugar and flour sifted over them. Bake them in a pretty warm oven.

Almond Biscuits (Small)

Beat up the yolks of three eggs for ten minutes, with four ounces of powder sugar and one ounce of bitter almonds well pounded; then add a whole egg, and beat it up five minutes longer. Whip the whites to a strong froth; mix them and an ounce and half of fine sifted flour with the yolks; work this paste well, and then pour it into small well-buttered copper moulds melon-shaped; glaze litem; sprinkle them with powder sugar, and bake for eighteen or twenty minutes in a moderate oven.

Almond Biscuits (Souffles)

Blanch half a pound of sweet almonds, cut them into dice and dry them in the oven. Make a glaze with the whites of two new-laid eggs; mix the almonds and a pinch of crisped orange-flowers into this, and put it into very small paper cases; do not fill them above half full, as they rise considerably in the oven, and would otherwise fall over and spoil their appearance; bake them in a moderately heated oven. As soon as they are pretty firm, they are done.