Spoon Biscuits

Break four eggs, put the yolks and whites into separate basins; add to the former a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar; having grated on it the zeste of a lemon, mix these together well with a spatula for ten minutes; then whip the whites to a froth, and put about halt of them to the yolks, and when that is well mixed in, add the rest; stir it very lightly, and lay them with a spoon on paper, make them about three inches long, and the breadth of a finger. Glaze them with powder-sugar, and place them on baking tins, add, as the sugar dissolves, and they shine, put the biscuits into a moderate oven, which must be kept open for seven or eight minutes then close it until your biscuits are of a proper color. When cold, detach them from the paper with a thin knife-blade, and lay them by, in couples, the glazed sides outwards, till wanted

Sweet Biscuits

Take half a pound of fine pounded sugar, and sift it through a tammy. Put the whites of twelve eggs into a preserving-pan, and the yolks into an earthenware tureen; whip the whites to a snow, and then carefully pour on it the yolks and sugar; stir them gently; place your pan over a chafing-dish; continue whipping the whole for a full half hour, and then, if the drop which falls from the whisk lays a little while without spreading, take it from the fire, and whisk again till it is cold; then add half a pound of fine sifted flour, stir it in gently with a wooden spoon. Drop them on paper, sift sugar over, and bake them in a warm oven until of a deep yellow; take them from the papers while warm: bake them as soon as possible after they are dropt on paper.

Sweetmeat Biscuits

Cut some Naples biscuits into pieces about an inch thick, and an inch and a half square and just crisp them in the oven. Make some icing with whites of eggs, sugar, and orange-flower water; dip one side of the biscuit into it; cut some preserved lemon and orange-peel and angelica into small pieces; strew them over the biscuits, and dry the icing in the oven.

Toad-In-A-Hole Biscuits

Beat a pound of sweet, and an ounce and a half of bitter almonds to a fine smooth paste, moisten with water, and mix the paste, which should not be too thin, with a pound and a quarter of white sugar. Lay a sheet of writing-paper on your baking-plate, and wafer-paper on that; lay the biscuits about the size of a half-crown piece; put a dried cherry in the middle of each; sift sugar over and bake them in a moderate oven. When done, cut the wafer-paper round, but do not take it away.