Millefruit Biscuits

Take preserved orange and lemon-peel, a quarter of a pound of each, six ounces of angelica, the same of sweet, and one ounce of bitter almonds; entail the above ingredients into pieces half an inch long and a quarter wide. Make an icing with white of eggs, sugar and orange-flower water; put the almonds, etc. into this, and having paper on your baking-tin, lay the cakes on it, of whatever size you please; then with a hair pencil touch them here and there with a little cochineal. Bake them, but not in too hot an oven.

Monkey Biscuits

Take the weight of six eggs in powder-sugar, and mix it with the yolks and a little pounded cinnamon; whisk the whites to a firm froth, and stir them lightly into the yolks; add four whole eggs, and their weight of dry sifted flour, mix them well together; take this mixture in a spoon, and lay it in about the size of a half-crown piece on paper, join two together with the spoon, and when your paper is full, sprinkle powder-sugar over and bake them; a few minutes will do them. Remove them from the paper while hot and put the two undersides together.

Princess Amelia Biscuits

Put the whites of twelve eggs into an earth-en pan, whisk them to a thick snow, and add to them eight ounces of double refined sugar, pounded and sifted; having mixed them, put in three ounces of flour, and three of powder-sugar sifted, the grated rind of one or two lemons and half a coffee cup of orange-flower water, stir them well with a wooden spoon, but take care not to spoil the snow: drop them on paper of a larger size than the sweet biscuits, and bake them to a clear brown in a moderate oven. Take them from the paper while hot.

Ibid, With Almonds

The ingredients for this biscuit are the same as above, with the addition of four eggs, and half a pound of bitter almonds: blanch the almonds, then wash, drain, and dry them in a napkin; pound them with whites of eggs in the usual way, to a fine paste, pass it through a sieve, and then mix it with the additional eggs add this to the sugar and yolks, and proceed as above.

Spice Biscuits

Take three pounds of Hour, three pounds of almonds, cut in half, three ounces of cinnamon and mace pounded, and one pound of powder-sugar; mix them all together on your slab; boil three pounds of Lisbon sugar with some water; make the above ingredients into a paste with this, and roll it to the size of a large rolling-pin; lay it on a sheet of paper, flat it down a little with your hand, keeping it higher in the middle than at the ends; put it into a very hot oven; when done, take it out, and while hot, cut it across, in slices an eighth of an inch thick, and dry them.

Fine Sponge Biscuits

Break twelve eggs, separate the yolks and whites; to the former put three quarters of a pound of powder-sugar, stir them well with a wooden spoon, till it rises in large bladders; whisk the whites to a very firm froth, and then mix them very lightly with theyolks and sugar, and when incorporated, add ten ounces of fine dried and sifted flour. Stir them all together well, and pour the mixture into well-buttered tin moulds, sift sugar over, and bake them in a moderate oven. Take them from the tins while hot.