Biscuits In Cases

Prepare your mixture the same as for spoon biscuits, and fill some little round or square cases with it. T!>en with the rolling pin crush some fine sugar, but not to a powder, and strew it over your biscuits, which place on a copper plate, and when the sugar begins to dissolve put them in a gentle oven, at the mouth of which put a shovel full of burning coals to crystallize the sugar; and when that assumes the appearance of little pearls, remove the coals and close the oven. These biscuits will require from twenty to twenty-five minutes baking.

Biscuits Iced

Beat up the white of eight, and the yolks of six eggs, with a pound of fine powdered sugar, for two hours Have ready fourteen ounces of well-dried sifted flour; when the oven is ready and your plates buttered, mix the flour as quick as possible with the eggs, etc, and lav the biscuits on the plates; you may add a little musk and ambergris. Bake in a quick oven

Italian Biscuit

Bake a biscuit, made like Iced biscuit, in a plain, round mould; cut it across, in slices an inch thick; pour on each slice a spoonful of true maraschino, and when they have imbibed this, place them in their proper form, and mask the whole, either with white of egg and sugar, as biscuit with sweetmeats, or with apricot marmalade, on which strew pounded macaroons.

Biscuits Of Italian Water

Whisk up six eggs, and an equal weight of powder-sugar, for half an hour. Take six more eggs and their weight of flour, and mix all together, and lay this mixture on paper, in cakes the eighth of an inch thick, and about two inches diameter; lay them quite flat, and do not let them touch. The oven should be hot; five minutes will bake them. When cold, wet the under side of the paper, and they will then remove easily.

Judges Biscuits

Break six eggs into a basin, and whisk them well for five minutes, add half a pound of powder-sugar, and whisk again for ten minutes longer; put some caraway-seeds and half a pound of dry sifted flour; mix them all together with a wooden spoon. Drop them on paper about the size of a crown-piece, and thick in the middle; sift sugar over, and bake them in a brick oven. Take them off the paper while hot.

Light Biscuits

Take ten eggs, put the yolks of five in a pan with a few crisped orange-flowers, the peel of a green lemon, both shred fine, and three-quarters of a pound of fine sugar; beat the whole together till the sugar is dissolved and well mixed with the eggs. Beat the ten whites to a froth, and add to the sugar, stir in lightly, and by degrees, six ounces of flour, put them into buttered moulds, powdering them with fine sugar, and bake them in a moderate oven.

Manques Biscuits

Put into an earthen pan half a pound of powder-sugar, three-quarters of a pound of flour, a quarter of a pound of butter, the same of pounded almonds, a little salt, and some orange-flower water, six yolks, and two whole eggs; beat up these ingredients well; whip the six whites, and mix them gradually with the above preparation; make a paper case, butter and pour in it your biscuit paste and bake it. Meanwhile cut some almonds into either dice or slips, mix them with some powder-sugar and white of egg; when the biscuit manques is about three parts done, dorez and cover it with this latter mixture; then replace it in the oven and finish baking. As soon as it is done, take it out and cut it into whatever forms your fancy may dictate.