Cardoons, With Cheese

String and cut them an inch long, put them into a saucepan with red wine, seasoned with pepper and salt, stew them till they are tender, put in a piece of butter rolled in flour, and when of a proper thickness pour them into a dish, squeeze the juice of an orange into the sauce, and scrape over them some Parmesan or Cheshire cheese, and then brown them with a cheese-iron, but not of too high a color.

How To Dress Cardoons

Cut them in pieces six inches long, and put them on a string; boil till tender, have ready a piece of butter in a pan, flour and fly them. They may also be tied in bundles, and served as asparagus boiled on a toast, and pour butter over.

Cardoons, Spanish

Cut them into lengdis of three inches, be careful not to use those which are hollow and green; boil them for half an hour, then put them into lukewarm water to cleanse them from their slime; then dress them in some stock, with a spoonful of flour, some salt, onions, roots, a bunch of sweet herbs, a little verjuice, and a little butter; when done, put them into a cullis with some stock; cook them for an hour in this sauce, and serve.