Cassia Candied

Pound a little musk and ambergris with as much of the powder of cassia as will lie on two shillings. Having pounded them well together, take a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, and as much water as will wet it, and boil it to a candy height, then put in your powder and mix well together. Butter some pewter saucers, and when it is cold turn it out.

Cassia Ratafia Of

Take a pound of cassia, half a pound of bitter cherries, a quarter of a pound of cassia leaves, and half a drachm of cinnamon; bruise the two first, cut up the leaves, and pound the cinnamon, infuse these ingredients in three quarts of brandy for three weeks. Dissolve two pounds of sugar in a quart of water, and mix with the liqueur, and let it stand some time longer, then strain and bottle it. Cork it up close.