Caraway Cake

Dry a quarter of a peck of fine flour in an oven; rub a pound and a half of fresh butter in it, till it is crumbled so small that none of it is to be seen; then take six spoonfuls of rose water, half a pint of canary, half a pint of cream, and three-quarters of a pint of new ale yeast, an i:he whites of two, and yolks of four eggs; mix all these well together, let it lie before the fire, and when you make it up put in a pound and a half of Naples biscuits, and three-quarters of a pound of caraway-comfits. Bake it.

Caraway Comfits

Take some fine caraway seeds, sift all the dust from them, and have a large copper preserving-pan, about two feet wide, and with two handles and two pieces of iron made as a ring on each side; then you must have a pulley fixed to the beam, and a cord with a hook to each end, so as to fix it at each side of the pan to let it sling; then have some fine starch as white as you can get, and just soften it, boil some sirup a quarter of an hour, and mix it with the starch; take some gum arabic, put it into some water, then put that into another pan, and make it just warm; have an iron-pot with charcoal fire under the large pan, but not too hot, only just to keep the pan warm; have a large tub to put your pot of fire at bottom, and your large pan must be on the top; put the caraway seeds into your pan; add a large ladleful of gum arabic, rub them with your hands until you find they are all dry, then put a ladleful of starch and sirup, and do the same over your pan of fire, until you find they are all dry; put the gum only three or four times to them at first, then the starch and sugar, but boil your sirup more as you find they come to coat with it, and not so much starch; when you have dried them seven or eight times, put them into your sieve; put them into the stove, do them the next day, and so, successively, for six or seven days.

Caraway Dragees

Take any quantity of caraway seeds you think proper, put them into a preserving-pan, and when quite warm, put in clarified sugar, a little at a time, stirring it occasionally, till of the size you wish; then proceed as directed for Almond Dragees.