Break into a small copper or brass pan one pound of refined sugar; put in a gill of spring-water; set it on a fire; when it boils skim it quite clean, and let it boil quick, till it comes to the degree called crack; which may be known by dipping a tea-spoon or skewer into the sugar, and letting it drop to the bottom of a pan of cold water; and if it remains hard, it has attained that degree: squeeze in the juice of half a lemon, and let it remain one minute longer on the fire; then set the pan into another of cold water: have ready moulds of any shape; rub them over with sweet oil; dip a spoon or fork into the sugar, and throw it over the mould in fine threads, till it is quite covered: make a small handle of caramel, or stick on two or three small gum paste rings, by way of ornament, and place it over small pastry of any description.

Caramel Conserve

Clarify the quantity of sugar you may require, and boil it to caramel; have ready some cases of double paper; pour in your sugar to the thickness of half an inch, and trace on its surface the forms you wish it to have; when cold, break it according to those marks. This conserve may be colored and flavored according to the fancy.

Caramel Cover For Sweetmeats

Dissolve eight ounces of double-refined sugar in three or four spoonfuls of water, and three or four drops of lemon-juice; then put it into a copper untinned skillet; when it boils to be thick, dip the handle of a spoon in it, and put that into a pint basin of water, squeeze the sugar from the spoon into it, and so on till you have all the sugar. Take a bit out of the water, and if it snaps and is brittle when cold, it is done enough; but only let it be three parts cold, then pour the water from the sugar, and having a copper mould oiled well, run the sugar on it, in the manner of a maze, and when cold you may put it on the dish it is to cover; but if, on trial, the sugar is not brittle, pour oft' the water, and return it into the skillet, and boil it again. It should look thick like treacle, but of a bright light gold color. It makes a most elegant cover.