Caudle (1)

Boil up half a pint of fine gruel, with a bit of butter the size of a large nutmeg, a large spoonful of brandy, the same of white wine, one of capillaire, a piece of lemon-peel, and nutmeg.

Caudle (2)

Make a fine smooth gruel of half-grits; when boiled, strain it, stir it at times till cold. When wanted for use, add sugar, wine, and lemon-peel, with some nutmeg. According to taste, you may add, if you please, besides the wine, spoonful of brandy, or lemon-juice.

Brown Caudle

Boil the gruel the same as for white caudle, with six spoonfuls of oatmeal, and strain it; then add a quart of good ale, not bitter; boil it, then sweeten it according to your taste, and add half a pint of white wine. When you do not put in the white wine, let it be half ale.

Cold Caudle

Boil a quart of spring water; when cold, add the yolk of an egg, the juice of a small lemon, six spoonfuls of sweet wine, sugar to your taste, and one ounce of. sirup of lemons.