Choose those that are close and white, and of the middle size; trim off the outside leaves; cut the stalk off flat at the bottom; let them lie in salt and water an hour before you boil them. Put them into boiling water with a handful of salt in it; skim it well, and let it boil slowly till done, which a small one will be in fifteen, a large one in about twenty minutes; take it up the moment it is enough, a minute or two longer boiling will spoil it.

Cauliflowers Or Broccoli, Pickled

Choose those that are hard, yet sufficiently ripe, cut away the leaves and stalks. Set on a stewpan half full of water, salted in proportion of a quarter of a pound of salt to a quart of. water; throw in the cauliflower, and let it heat gradually; when it boils take it up with a spoon full of holes, and spread them on a cloth to dry before the fire, for twenty-four hours at least; when quite dry, put them, piece by piece, into jars or glass tie-overs, and cover them with the pickle we have directed for beet roots, or make a pickle by infusing three ounces of the curry powder for three days in a quart of vinegar by the side of the fire. Nasturtiums are excellent prepared as above.

Cauliflowers, Pickled

Cut the cauliflowers in pieces, and throw them into boiling water for a quarter of an hour; then lay them on cloths to drain. Put them in a jar with cloves and salt, and cover them with the best vinegar.

Cauliflower Salad

When you have prepared and boiled the cauliflowers, drain and let them cool; cut them in pieces; season them with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, and eat them as any other salad.