Is principally used in soups and stuffing, and is generally preserved with other herbs as follows: take of sorrel, chervil, beet, purslain, and cucumbers, if in season, quantifies according to your liking; wash them well; mince and press them in your hand, to squeeze out all the water. Put them into a kettle with water, some butter and salt, and boil them until the water is entirely consumed. Then take them out, and when cold, put them into pots; cover them with warmed butter. When you want to use these herbs, put them into some stock that has very little salt in it. If they are required for a farce or garnish, boil them a minute or two in some butter; thicken with the volks of eggs and milk; when so prepared, they may be served under hard eggs or broiled fish. For sauce, it must be chopped small, boiled in salt and water, and mixed with melted butter.