Cream For Fruit Tarts

Boil a stick of cinnamon, two or three peach leaves, or a few bruised bitter almonds, in a quart of milk; strain, sweeten, and mix it, when cool, with three or four well-beaten eggs; stir it constantly over the fire till it thickens. It may be eaten with stewed apples, prunes, damsons, or any other fruit.

Imperial Cream

Boil a quart of cream with the thin rind of a lemon; then stir it till nearly cold; have ready in a dish or bowl that you are to serve in, the juice of three lemons strained, with as much sugar as will sweeten the cream, which pour into the dish from a large teapot, holding it high, and moving it about to mix with the juice. It should be made at least six hours before it is served, and will be still better if a day.

Lemon Cream

Steep the thinly-pared rinds of four large lemons in a pint of water fur twelve hours; strain, and dissolve in it three-quarters of a pound of fine loaf sugar, add the juice of the lemons strained, and the well-beaten whites of seven, and the yolk of one egg. Boil it over a slow fire, stirring it constantly one way, till it is like a thick cream; pour it into a glass or china dish.

Ratafia Cream

In a tea-cupful of thin cream boil two or three large laurel, or young peach leaves; when it has boiled three or four minutes, strain, and mix with it a pint of rich sweet cream; add three well-beaten whites of eggs, and sweeten it with pounded loaf sugar. Put it into a saucepan, and stir it gently one way over a slow fire till it be thick; pour it into a china dish, and when quite cold, ornament it with sweetmeats cut out like flowers; or strew over the top harlequin comfits.

Cream Rose At

Beat to a stiff froth the whites of four eggs; sweeten and boil a pint of good milk, drop about three table-spoonfuls of the froth into it, turn it over once or twice with the spoon, take it out, and put it upon the back of a lawn sieve placed over a large plate; repeat this till it is all done; add to the milk another half pint, with a little more sugar, and mix it with the beaten yolks of the eggs; stir it over the fire till thick; put it into a basin, and stir now and then till nearly cold; add a table-spoonful of rose water, and one of brandy. Serve it in a glass dish, and lay the whites of the eggs over the top at equal distances. Cut citron and candied orange-peel into straws, and put them over the whites of the eggs, or strew over them colored comfits.

Cream Of Rice Soup

Mix one or two table-spoonfuls of sifted flour of rice with a little good stock, rather cold than hot; add this to some boiling stock, ami keep stirring till it boils; and let it boil till sufficiently thick. The flour of rice may be made as follows: - Wash in several waters a pound of rice; wipe it in a clean towel, and when perfectly dry pound and sift it through a sieve.

Snow Cream

Take a pint of fresh cream, and mix with it eight spoonfuls of powder-sugar, the whites of two eggs, and a spoonful of orange-flower water, or any other aromatic ingredient you like better; whip it, and remove the froth or snow in the usual way. This cream may be colored according to your fancy, with saffron, carmine, or indigo.