Egg Sauce (1)

This agreeable accompaniment to roasted poultry, or salted fish, is made by putting three eggs into boiling water, and boiling them for about twelve minutes, when the}' will be hard; put them into cold water till you want them. This will make the yolks firmer, and prevent their surface turning black, and you can cut them much neater: use only two of the whiles, cut the whites into small dice, the yolks into bits about a quarter of an inch square; put them into a sauce-boat; pour to them half a pint of melted butter, and stir them together.

If you are for superlative egg sauce, pound the yolks of a couple of eggs, and rub them with the melted butter to thicken it.

N. B.

Some cooks garnish salt fish with hard-boiled eggs cut in half.

Egg Sauce (2)

Boil three or four eggs about a quarter of an hour, put them into cold water, take off the shells, cut three of the whites and four yolks into small pieces, mix them with melted butter, and heat it well.