Sauce For Fish (1)

The melted butter for fish, should be thick enough to adhere to the fish, and, therefore, must be of the thickness of light batter, as it is to be diluted with essence of anchovy, soy, mushroom ketchup, cayenne, or Chili vinegar, lemons or lemon-juice, or artificial lemon-juice. etc. which are expected at all well-served tables. Cooks, who are jealous of the reputation of their taste, and housekeepers who value their health, will prepare these articles at home: there are quite as many reasons why they should, as there are for the preference usually given to home-baked bread, and home-brewed beer. The liver of the fish pounded and mixed with parsley and butter, with a little lemon-juice, etc. is an elegant and inoffensive relish to fish.

Sauce For Fish (2)

Two wine-glasses of Port, and two of walnut pickle, four of mushroom ketchup, half a dozen anchovies, pounded, the like number of eschalots sliced and pounded, a table-spoonful of soy, and half a drachm of cayenne pepper; let them simmer gently for ten minutes; strain it, and when cold, put it into bottles, well corked, and sealed over, it will keep for a considerable time.


This is commonly called Quin's sauce.

Sauce For Fish (3)

A taolespoonful of anchovy juice, one of soy, and two of mushroom ketchup, mixed in a quarter of a pound of melted butter.

Sauce For Fish (4)

Three anchovies and an onion chopped, and a small bit of horseradish boiled in some stock, then strained, and thickened with a piece of butter rolled in flour.

Sauce For Fish (5)

Boil in half a pint of water one or two anchovies, two cloves, a blade of mace, a bit of lemon-peel, a few peppercorns, and two table-spoonfuls of Port wine; strain and thicken it with a piece of butter rolled in flour.

Sauce For Fish (6)

Mix well with two ounces of melted butter, of mushroom ketchup, essence of anchovies, and lemon pickle, a table-spoonful each, a tea-spoonful of soy, and a little cayenne. Boil it before serving.

Sauce For Fish (7)

Chop two dozen of whole anchovies, mix with them half a pint of anchovy liquor, two shallots cut small, and three pints of Port wine, one of vinegar, one lemon sliced, one handful of scraped horseradish, and ten blades of mace, one nutmeg, twelve peppercorns, six cloves, all bruised, and one table-spoonful of flour of mustard. Boil these together about fifteen or twenty minutes; when cold, strain and bottle it, waxing the corks. It will keep good a year. A table-spoonful improves oyster sauce, and that quantity is sufficient for a sauce-tureen of melted butter.

Sauce For Fish (8)

A quart of Port wine, half a pint of best vinegar, one pound of bruised anchovies, one ounce of mace and one of cloves, half an ounce of pepper, one large onion, and the peel of one lemon; boil all these ingredients together, over a slow fire, till a pint is wasted; then strain, and bottle it, and keep it closely stopped.

Fish Or Meat Sauce,To Make A Quart Bottle Of

To half a bottle of vinegar put one ounce of cayenne, two cloves of garlic, one table-spoonful of soy, two of walnut, and two of mushroom ketchup. Let it stand six days, shaking it frequently, then add the remaining half of the bottle of vinegar; let it stand another week, strain, and put it into small bottles.

White Sauce For Fish

Four anchovies chopped, two glasses of white wine, a large one of vinegar, an onion stuck with three cloves, and cut into quarters; let all these simmer till the anchovies dissolve; strain it, and add a quarter of a pound of butter kneaded in a table-spoonful of flour. When it has melted, stir in gradually, one way, half a pint of cream, taking care that it do not boil. When thoroughly heated, serve in a sauce-tureen.

Liver Sauce For Fish

Boil the liver of the fish, and pound it in a mortar with a little flour; stir it into some broth, or some of the liquor the fish was boiled in, or melted butter, parsley, and a few grains of cayenne, a little essence of anchovy, or soy, or ketchup; give it a boil up, and rub it through a sieve: you may add a little lemon-juice, or lemon cut in dice.

Pink Sauce For Fish

Put into a pan, or wide-mouthed jar, one quart of good vinegar, half a pint of Port wine, half an ounce of cayenne, one large table-spoonful of walnut ketchup, two ditto of anchovy liquor, a quarter of an ounce of cochineal, and six cloves of garlic. Let it remain forty hours, stirring it two or three times a-day; run it through a flannel bag, and put it into half-pint bottles.

Sauce For Pike

Mix with a pint of cream a table-spoonful of anchovy sauce, the same of soy, and two of ketchup, a piece of butter rolled in flour; put it into a saucepan, and stir it one way till nearly boiling.

White Sauce For Pike

Simmer till half wasted, two table-spoonfuls of white wine, one of vinegar, half a small onion, and some grated nutmeg; add a piece of butter rolled in flour, then a small tea-cupful of cream; heat it thoroughly, stirring it all the time, and taking care that it do not boil.