Steep three large hand-fuls of very small white oatmeal a day and night in cold water; then pour it off clear; then add as much more water, and let it stand another day and a night. Then strain it through a fine hair sieve, and boil it till it is of the consistence of hasty pudding, keeping it well stirred all the time it is boiling. When first strained, put to it one large spoonful of white sugar, and two of orange-flower water. Pour it into shallow dishes, and serve to eat with wine, cider, milk or cream, and sugar.

Flummery Dutch

Boil very gently for half an hour, two ounces of isinglass in three half pints of water; add a pint of white wine, the juice of three lemons and the thin rind of one, and rub a few lumps of sugar on another to obtain the essence, and with them add as much more sugar as will make it sufficiently sweet; and having beaten up the yolks of seven eggs, give them and the above, when mixed, one scald; stir all the time, and pour the whole into a ba-sin; stir it till it is half cold; then let it settle, and put it into a melon shape.

Flummery French

Beat an ounce of isinglass fine, put it into a quart of cream, and boil it gently for a quarter of an hour, keeping it stirring all the time. Then take it oft", sweeten it with fine powder sugar, put in a spoonful of rose and another of orange-flower water, strain it through a sieve, and stir it till half cold. Put it into a mould or basin, and when cold, turn it into a dish, and garnish with currant jelly.