Flounders Boiled (1)

Put on a stewpan with a sufficient quantity of water to cover the flounders which are to be dressed; put in some vinegar and horse-radish; when the water boils put in the fish, having been first well cleaned, and their fins cut oft"; they must not boil too fast for fear they should break; when they are sufficiently done, lay them on a fish plate, the tails in the middle. Serve them with parsley and butter.

Flounders Boiled (2)

Wash and clean them well, cut the black side of them the same as you do turbot, then put them into a fish-kettle, with plenty of cold water and a handful of salt; when they come to a boil, skim them clean, and let them stand by the side of the fire for five minutes, and they are ready. Observations: Eaten with plain melted butter and a little salt, you have the sweet delicate flavor of the flounder, which is overpowered by any sauce.

Flounders Or Plaice, Fried Or Boiled

Flounders are perhaps the most difficult fish to fry very nicely. Clean them well, flour them, and wipe them with a dry cloth to absorb all the water from them; flour or egg and bread-crumb them.