Fish Rechauffe (1)

After pike, cod, skate, turbot, soles, or any other white fish has been dressed, pick it from the bones into small bits; add to a pound of fish, or in the same proportion, half a pint of good cream, one table-spoonful of mustard, the same of anchovy essence, the same of ketchup, and of Harvey sauce, a little flour, some salt, pepper, and butter; make it all hot in the saucepan, then put it into the dish in which it is to be served up, strew crumbs of bread over it, and baste it with butter till it is a little moist, then brown it with a salamander, or in a Dutch oven. A wall of mashed potatoes round the dish is an improvement.

Fish Rechauffe (2)

Pick from the bone in large flakes about two pounds of cold salmon, cod fish, or soles; melt a quarter of a pound of butter in half a pint of cream, with a little flour and salt; add the fish and heat it thoroughly.