Fish Gravy (1)

Cut two or three little fish of any kind into small pieces; put them into a saucepan, with rather more water than will cover them, a bit of toasted bread, a blade of mace, some lemon-peel, whole pepper, and a bunch of sweet herbs; let it simmer gently till it is rich and good; brown a little bit of butter in a stewpan, and when it is browned, strain the gravy into it, and let it boil for a few minutes.

Fish Gravy (2)

Put some slices of onion into a stewpan, and set them on the fire; when they are completely dissolved, add a piece of butter, and some small fish, or pieces of carp, tench, perch, or any other you find convenient. As soon as they begin to dissolve, and give out their moisture, put a glassful of root broth to them, and boil them for half an hour; then add a glass of white wine, and a little lemon-juice, and boil it another half hour, when it may be pressed through a sieve, with great force.